Wye Valley AONB Farming Awards 2008

Henry Rudge

This new prestigious award for 2008 was hotly contested by farms throughout the AONB. After vigorous judging Henry and Esther Rudge from Ballingham Court Farm, Herefordshire won the first prize of £500

Farming has shaped the landscape of the Wye Valley and still has a profound effect on the visual beauty of the area. The agricultural industry has gone through demanding changes throughout the centuries and farmers have had to adapt to ever increasing modern day pressures. In recognition of the value of farming practices to the area, the new Wye Valley AONB Farming Awards were instigated for 2008. The awards sought to reward sustainable farms whose land management practices conserve and enhance the natural landscape in line with AONB purposes. Our panel of expert judges visited the four shortlisted farms in August and went through a rigorous examination of each farm and its management. After a long and very wet day the judges awarded Henry and Esther Rudge from Ballingham Court Farm, Herefordshire the first prize of £500.


‘All the shortlisted farms were very strong contenders.’ said Mike Williams, judge and FWAG representative ‘However Ballingham Court impressed us with the management of their mixed farm which is so typical of the Wye Valley countryside. Their attitude to conservation, their forward thinking ideas in maintaining and improving the land and their obvious enthusiasm for inviting groups onto the farm lifted our spirits. We feel we have a very worthy winner’